Bali Tourist Spots


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Bali is one of the tourist destinations of the world, and there are many beautiful and tourist sites you can visit anytime.

The beauty of the island of Bali as well as the friendliness of its people and culture bali bali is so interesting, make a lot of both foreign and local tourists who want to visit Bali.

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Go Bali Komodo is one of the tour guides in Bali who has experience and knows exactly this island, so it will be able to guide you wherever sights you want to visit.

Go Bali Komodo is one of the tour guides in Bali who has experience and knows exactly this island, so it will be able to guide you wherever sights you want to visit.

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Tourist spots in Bali can be visited such as:

Bali SurfingBESAKIH

Besakih Temple; bali is known as the island of thousand temples'because on this island there are more than 11,000 buildings and temples.perhaps,in some places in bali, the number of temples and even exceed the number of of the largest temple which is considered as the mother temple in bali(the mother temple) is pura besakih.besakih temple is located at the foot of mount agung,bali's highest mountain by the local community which is considered as a sacred mountain. On march 17,1963 (other versions mention march 18) mount agung erupted and killed more than, 1,000 people and destroyed village in the vicinity.

Bali SurfingGOA GAJAH

Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave); pura goa gajah one tour destinations in bali, located in bedulu village, Goa Gajah temple celebration, Gianyar, bali, is the centre of the ancient kingdom of bali, and one of the historical sites on earth, goa gajah more appropriately called pretending, but because of the shape of goa, then named Goa Gajah.

Its distance from denpasar approxiamately 26 km. There is art stalls and restaurant. This temple is in surround by rice fields with beautiful river canyon petanu.

Bali SurfingJIMBARAN

Jimbaran Beach; jimbaran is one of the beaches in badung,bali,indonesia. Jimbaran lies on the southern island of bali. Its locations not far from the ngurah rai international airport. You can reach jimbaran from the airport is about 15 minutes south of the airport. Before becoming famous as today. Jimbaran is a traditional fishing village. What is interesting in jimbaran ? In jimbaran,there are many restaurants or restaurant that serves a variety of sea food.

Bali SurfingKUTA BEACH

Kuta Beach; kuta beach is a tourist spot located in the south of denpasar, the capital of bali,indonesia.kuta is located in badung.this area is a tourist destination abroad,and has become a mainstay tourist island of bali since the early 70's.

>Kuta beach is often reffered to as sunset beach as apposed to the sanur kuta there are many shops and restaurants. Kuta beach also offers various other types of entertainment such as bars and restaurants along the beach to legian. this beach also has a pretty good waves for surfing sports (surfing), especialy for novice surfers.

Bali SurfingLOVINA

Lovina And See Dolfin; area tour lovina beach is a tourist area with its main attraction is the beach with calm sea water, blackish-colored sand, coral reefs with trofical fish.because the nature of the sea calm, lovina is very siutable for water recreation such as diving,swimming,fishing,sailing, rowing,and just soak in see water. Lovina or often called lovina beach is one of the tourist area of ocean that sits at the northern island of bali.

Bali SurfingNUSA DUA

Nusa Dua; nusa dua bali is a place where almost all luxurious hetels are located. Nusa dua is also the place where most hotels have private beach and the area is also available an elite shopping in the form of clothing, souvenirs and beach sport aquipment. Special to the beach,visitors can enjoy the best paronama in nusa dua with a stroll on the beach as part of this region.

Bali SurfingTANAH LOT

Tanah lot is an object of tourism in bali, indonesia. here there are two temples are situated on a large rock.

One is located in the upper crust and the other located on a cliff similar to the uluwatu temple.

pura tanah lot is part of the pura dang kahyangan. pura tanah lot sea temple is a place of worship the gods of the sea guard. tanah lot is the located in the village of beraban district of kediri,tabanan, about 15 km west of tabanan. One the nort of pura tanah lot, there is a temple which is located above the cliffs overhanging the sea.


Tegallalang; tegallalang is beautiful rice terraces view in the world in tegallalang, which has plenty of cafes and souvenir shops.

Bali SurfingUBUD

Ubud particularly popular among foreign tourists because the location is situated between the fields and forests located between the ravines of the mountain which makes a very beautiful nature. In addition Ubud is known for its art and culture that is growing very rapidly and developed. Ubud pulse of public life can not be separated from art. Here too there are many art galleries, as well as the arena of music and dance performances are held every night alternately in all directions village.

Bali SurfingULUN DANU

Ulun Danu (Beratan Lake); lake beratan is located next to mount beratan and mount catur. It is the second largest lake in bali. the important temple of pura ulun danu solemnly guard the lake. The resort area bedugul offers excellent views of the lake,as well as a number of water activities such as swimming, etc.

Bali SurfingULUWATU

Uluwatu Temple; uluwatu temple one tour destinations in bali, built on a steep rock and high around 70 meters that stand out to the ocean (samudra indonesia) with famous beautiful sunset.

Pura luhur uluwatu serves as a place of worship of rudra.

Uluwatu temple believed by hindus as buffers from 9 wind or called pura teased sad. Pura luhur uluwatu is located in the village of pecatu, kuta, badung, about 25km to the south from tourist area of kuta, located on the southwestern tip of bali island.


Water Sport; parasailing, snorkeling, tanjung benoa is a beautiful white sand beach area where visitors can enjoy many types of water recreation and sports such as.